what would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?

What If One Woman Told The Truth About Her Life depicts one of the youth wrapped up in hurtful words and chained underwater, but as the poem progresses she becomes unwrapped and unshackled, swims to the surface, grows butterfly wings and flies away. The narrative is universal in that it is a survival story but does not specify what she is surviving.

My Body is a Site Of

imMEDIAte Justice Public Service Announcement

Where Does My Desire Take Me

What if one woman told the truth about...

My Impossible Dreams


A documentary film directed and produced by Espie Hernandez age 16, Wendy Sandoval age 15, Luna Serna age 15 during the summer 0'9 of the ImMEDIAte Justice program.

My Body My Message Part 1

My Body My Message Part 2

My Body My Message Part 3

My Body My Message Part 4

My Body My Message Part 5

My Body My Message Part 6

My Body My Message Part 7

imMEDIAte Justice Uganda

Photobooth of Change

Photobooth of Change is a participatory and collaborative media project that asks young people to talk back to the mainstream media through their own personal visions of community and social justice. By acknowledging the power media has in our everyday lives, we can begin to reclaim ourselves as critics, consumers, and creators of media. By engaging in our own media practices, we can create our own culture that reflects our values, beliefs, and experiences as young people! Organized by Carla, Santa Monica College, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Never Ever Getting STIs


Speak Your Mind

The story is about a couple that has to make a potentially life-changing decision about their sexual relationship.

The Gender Box

Gender Box addresses how gender roles can restrict all of us and the importance of recognizing the "box" society puts people in.

Paper Girl Rights Herself

A paper girl finds the courage to exercise her right to be herself and finds love in the process.

Road To Equality

The film is about choosing equality and respect in our relationships.

Catcall for What?!


Opening Up