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imMEDIAte Justice is a nonprofit organization that provides a platform for girls to share their stories. We connect girls from underserved communities with

hands‐on, girl‐driven media production taught by professional filmmakers. The result? Films that don't just change the lives of girls, they change the world.

The Truth is in the Reels.

At imMEDIAte Justice, we break barriers and blaze trails.

We amplify the voices of girls from marginalized communities to produce films that speak their truth.

Through mentorship, after‐school programs, workshops and safe community, we support the production of girl‐led content representing a range of platforms and diversity issues across gender, race, sex & love, relationships, reproductive rights, and sexual identity.

We mentor talented girls who have found self-definition, ambition, and an appetite for social engagement.

This is an education of the most profound and transformative kind.

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